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Purebeau permanent MakeUp training course for beginners

Basic education is the groundwork and the bundle of knowledge without which Your own practice and professional growth will be very problematic. Many of those who wish to learn, ask what they need the theory for, if the anatomy of the skin can be looked up on Wikipedia. Nevertheless, the basics of permanent make up include not only the theory of skin structure, but also make up design, unique coloristics, secrets of fast sketching, important aspects of numbing, aseptic usage and many more.

Program for teaching permanent make-up

  • Mini-groups, 2 trainers – maximum attention to each student
  • Teaching by proprietary methodology of international level coach-instructor Victoriya Rudko
  • Unique non-traumatic proprietary techniques (painless permanent make up, dry needle technique)
  • Hand positioning, coloristics, face reading, managing beautition-client relationships
  • Theory and practice of permanent make up
  • The main purpose of the education is to gain a confident skill of practice
  • Educational process is dynamic and instructive
  • The tools, consumable materials, simulation practice skin and models are provided for free
  • Practice only on precise machinery with premium pigments from Germany (Purebeau)
  • Help in choosing and setting up a professional’s starter kit. Discounts for machinery and consumable materials
  • At the end of the course You receive a diploma of European Academy with Purebeau brand hologram, which is recognized all around the world


The price of group training is 1 700 Euros. The date and time of the individual practice is accorded with the coaches in advance

Victoriya Rudko , + 38  (050 )425 02 72 Viber, WhatsApp

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Also, a permanent make up professional should be familiar with the peculiarities of different kinds of needles, pigments and devices. Without this knowledge You will be lost at the beginning of Your own practice. In Puerbeau Academy (Ukraine) theory studying takes two full days and, in addition to that, You get a summary of lectures for self-studying. Later we work on hand motor skills within different techniques, primarily on paper. And only after each student achieves perfect automatism of movements on paper, we transfer to simulation tattoo practice skin. At this stage we explain the insertion of pigment into the skin and what impacts its qualitative adoption (the speed of hand’s movement, proper pigment choice, coverage technique and many more), we help to position Your hand and demonstrate technical differences of work on different face areas. Within this course we teach You to understand the process of permanent make up, and if You successfully adopt all this tips, You will be able to work in any basic technique.

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school of tattoo foto
cosmetic tattooing training foto
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School of permanent make-up foto
School of permanent make-up foto
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Thus, after finishing a basic permanent make up course, You are absolutely prepared for individual practice and capable of performing qualitative works on eyebrows, eyelids and lips. Though, in permanent make up there exist special techniques that require distinct knowledge and skills, and are performed by professionals with big working experience. Those techniques are not represented within the basic course – it would be as weird, as to learn logarithms in the first form at school.

Experience has proven that it is impossible to master all the techniques at once – Your hand isn’t ready for such a variety of movements, and the abundance of information will mess up in Your head. The way of learning we propose is the most efficient plan, that is proven by many years and by the works of our students:

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permanent makeup training Victoriya Rudko

At the end of the practice You receive a European standard certificate by “Purebeau”

Permanent Make Up Academy

Victoriya Rudko ☎ + 3 8 050 425 02 72 (Viber, WhatsApp)
Christina Rudko ☎ + 3 8 050 617 41 15  (Viber, WhatsApp)
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